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by KJ Hannah Greenberg



Irrespective of the Above


Irrespective of the above, Truth stays enthymematically reachable.

Our best use of narrative remains increasing awareness, enhancing

Rhetoric, providing additional tolerance, understanding, and unity.


All in all, the universal call for storytelling asks of us to realize

The clout conveyed by expression’s fundamentals, to similarly

Portion out ideologies so that others might act with confidence.


Innovations over and above banalities, unequivocally (given most

Shuffled semantics), absorb what we’ve stumbled upon; else word

Play’s nothing incredible, is only randomly tossed together motes.


Weigh that quirky articulations of popular, interesting-seeming

Formulations tend to make chronicling customs engrossing, not

Unique. Rather, junctures of crucial basics persist as communal.




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Organized Discourse


Organized discourse, instead of rewriting texts

As philosophical statements, treats messages as

Products and processes, accepts meaning's canons

As precursors to, not results from, human behavior.


Hence, linguistic rubricking can attend multiple

Dimensions of expression's causality. Likewise, it

Develops, modifies, as well as advances, sanctions

That can confront absent objectivity or missing truth.


Actual accountable for legislating, judging, else

Executing prescribed, described, or theorized acts

Visa via a variety of terminologies, shows the dearth

Of responsibility native to standard, shared interactions.


Weigh that Eighteenth Century ideologies provoked

Nations to implore citizens’ active determination of state

Protocol, to endeavor to bridge instrumental and intrinsic

Understandings of ethics and deeds, to recollect ownership.


At present, in place of culpability, populaces rationalize

Many types of language cues concerning cerebral actions,

Or entangle themselves with reminders about noncognitive

Ones since transindividual goings-on, contrariwise, confuse.


All in all, axiological avowals remains more readily

Identifiable if aesthetic, but not moral, and not masking

Obligations “good for”' or “good of” their agents; instead

Of busying ourselves with matters, our countenances conceal.


Whereas it ought not to be worrisome when verbal morphoses

Indicate social disarray, not trouble us when comparable changes

Cannot represent existing, respectable systems for collective living.

It’s still burdensome to control answerability for group undertakings.


Until our community’s no longer ill-informed about its rights or

About the coalesced implications of our judgments, we’re destined

To bumble with morality, stumble along in attempting to fix broken

Applications of doctrines, fall repeatedly, carry on as markedly sunk.


Currently, our culpability seems to move from the lowest echelons

Of public hierarchies to the highest, progressing just barely to fuse

Principles plus politics to action, to provide impetus for legions of

Incoherent decision-makers’ many, obstreperous pronouncements.




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To Raise Awareness


To raise awareness, not to stymie potential conversation

Else, block devotions that impact collective behaviors

Is simultaneously a purported means to new routes

Plus a ghost gun or ten.


Occasionally, persistant attitudes cannot justify intellectuals’

Footnotes following plainly pernicious issues. In parallel,

When we neglect convergent motes, language’s merely

Ornamental, evolves into nidi.


Some implications of our attraction to provocations

Hide in the embodiments of divergent paradigms.

(We use references to account for realized

And imagined experiences.)


That is, we don’t separate words from intentions. Never has

Rhetoric’s substance & execution been identical. Unctuous

Verbiage, likewise, won’t breek fourth walls or yield

Any pernicious character merely because we care.


It’s a violation, not a crime, to use interdisciplinary tactics

For discourse. Such fusillades of intensity, such precisely

Focused sentences, such salvos of prost, can awaken

The wargs and the sanctimonious rascals.


The minute our rocketships achieve stable flightpaths,

We’re not sessile as long as we yet ignore vaunted

Statements. Our mental dosshouses still yield

Propinquity to boorish others.


After periods of indentureship expire, rapacious managers

Leave our singular universe. Our warrandices around

Government workforces turns blind toward

Nubbins of shared mychorrhiza.


Weigh the rudimentary agencies by which our paths diverge;

There’re no stores, no capitalism, no music on the farside.

Kajukenbo’s a dream unreachable by masses. Our

Voluble proletarians brave bizes. They cry.



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