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by KJ Hannah Greenberg






Winding staircases, too, require support beams.

It’s just that we tend to forget the necessity of

Central pillars.


Friends, even lovers, can suffice to prop up hopes.

Our concordant associates remain vital to upbeat



Even after smoke fades, light scatters, rain ceases,

Sanguine associates contribute invaluable views,



Such buoyancy needn’t match others’ wants more than

My family size, my waist measurements, my ancient





a line, (a short blue one)





When imposing a pecuniary penalty, it’s advisable to

Lock up old accounts, erase debts, otherwise feign pure



After all, hoodlums prey on mistaken beliefs about

Humanity’s righteousness; they take advantage of

Lazy thinking.


Every time persons yield critical thoughts to gobbling up

Mediated rhetoric, some crook, somewhere, notes a gap

Between truth and pretense.


If only we guarded all unalienable rights as much as we

Fortified our access to convergent media, We’d remain

Free to question law-breakers’ efforts.




a line, (a short blue one)





In scrolling past murders, maiming, and other terrorist-induced horrors, people

Concede the “morality” of sickening acts. No wonderful aftermaths come from

Gruesome deeds.


Yet, the presses, local & worldwide, tend to upcycle nearly all reports of rampages

Conducted by horrendous folk. Those unspeakable goings-on become increasingly



Neither the elderly nor the young are immune to such dreadful behavior. Assassins

Hope only to manufacture chaos, also loss. Their aims won’t align with wholesome



Media’s integument, year in and out, offers distractions, even whiffs of seasons seemingly

Prelapsarian. The truth, contrariwise, is brutal, often indigestible. Sanguinity, alternatively,




a line, (a blue one)


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