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Did Ya Know?
by KJ Hannah Greenberg




“Mom, did ya know I don’t like red-edged lettuce? Why couldn’t you buy the all green type?”


“Maybe next time. Please keep chopping.”


“Did ya know that flamingos can only eat when their heads are upside down because of how their beaks point?”


“When you’re done, please slice some cucumbers.”


“I don’t like my vegetables mixed up! Ya know, right? And, did ya know that some people use pokeweed as medicine?”


“It’s poison.”


“I know, but I read that...”


“Don’t touch it! Don’t eat it!”


“Okay. Did ya know that spacesuits are like diving suits?”


“No. That’s enough cucumbers. Thanks! It’d be impossible to get dinner ready without your help.”


“I know. Buy me a DSLR?”




“A digital single-lens reflex camera.”




“As a prize for kitchen helping.”


“Why not chocolate or a subscription to Science Weekly?”


“They’re magic with light reflection.”




“I can use that camera for optics experiments.”




“Physics. Eventually, I’ll get to take it.”


“But today’s not that day. How ‘bout two tickets to Adventure Park? You can invite Doni.”


“Whatever. You don’t really seem to care about my research.”


“Got me. Next week, I hope to harvest the tomatoes. The garden’s such a pleasure. There’ll be a bumper crop. I think we can make sauce.”


“Did ya know that tomatoes are nightshades and that some nightshades are lethal? They make pokeweed laughable.”


“Are you and Doni still friends?”






“I guess tickets would be okay. Maybe, you’ll get me the camera for my birthday?”




“Can Doni help with the canning?”




“Did ya know that two hundred and forty-five people died last year from canning-caused botulism?”




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