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by KJ Hannah Greenberg






Instrumental, i.e., fitting, purposes can be endorsed by hegemonical

Interchanges. An instructor might refer to an “honest” speaker but be

Limited by references admitting precincts for talk, script, convergence.


Explanation of non-superfluous intentions, like relating moral principles,

Require hermeneutic approaches to handle many of the fathomable actions

Occurring beyond the scope of day to day rhetoric; we’re stupid in that way.


It remains sagacious to posit that the weakening of moral fiber could glamour

The lessening of magnitude attributed to goodness, else the decreasing force by

Which we predict the amount/variety of individual & institutional accountability.


However, upright governance requires inclusivity, is aided by authentic dialogue,

Demands debate, often disregards proximate conditions for phenomena, structural

Social conflicts, as well as history’s sway on rights, freedoms, price of life, finances.


Disreputable superior/subordinate communication adds up to peculiar interpretations

For apposite responsibility, necessarily calculates maximum answerability as pertinent

To possible ripostes including experience, position, also seniority, excluding kickbacks.




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The Examination of Human Interaction


Perspectives neither lead to semantic entropy nor stifling expressions.

Universal insights, simultaneous, abstract sensibilities, regularly yielding

Shared conceptualizations, providing outlooks, demystifying bewilderment.


Less deleterious are assemblages of verdicts issued by unassuming people.

Thus, it remains sagacious to posit the legitimacy of all voices creating truth.

Also, we must bump up the problems associated with our ethical accountability.


Most of us possess some answerability for investigating human interaction.

It endures as rhetorically insufficient to leave problems to politicians, pit bosses,

Dictators. Whereas such roles seem culturally sizzling, they’re small, arable crofts.


See, discrepancies between idealized and realized depictions of goings-on often

Shoves semantic screening to a second-order line of inquiry, often relegate queries.

On the whole, linguistic criticism should always provide grids for reality’s illumination.


Sure, much oratory’s less palatable to specialized audiences than mind-numbed masses.

Yet, words in nonseparatist roles, tend to envisage possibilities past the status quo, ne’er

Purport to share ideas while preventing “outsiders” joining in any of those collective gists.




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Liberty’s a struggle created by the magics of peace and pleasure. It’s

Built on tragic feelings including fear plus pity. Such delusions leave us

Heirs to vast, complex norms, to conflicts between patricians and plebians.

(In situations devoid of sufficient restraint, the highest good goes missing.)


If vehicles for expressing the greatest possible outcome were buoyed

By land or taxes, then administered thru courts, fruitful, also meaningful

Interactions would be our divided society’s burden. Consider how primitive

Notions of statesmanship formalize our acknowledgements of rights and duties.


The ability to woe, to charm, might manifest in community art festivals

Like Féile an Phobail, Art Basil, Art Beijing, & The Investec Cape Art Fair.

See, the path of naïve discovery brims with opportunities scarfed by ideological

Dimensions full of folks quietly gaming the position of our empire amid kingdoms.


When congeners compare relative strengths, ordinarily, shared evolution occurs.

All in all, immutable behaviors are a legacy of sorts derived from evolved answers.

In a dystopic world, conversely, no manner of politics, art, even war evoke sufficient

Charisma to supply civilization with more than conventional, competitive personalities.



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