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The Snake Charm by Linda Casper.


Take it with a pinch of salt if you wish, but the snake bangle had always been my lucky charm. On numerous occasions it had been a virtual lifesaver. There was the time in India when I couldn’t flag down a truck for a lift as the snake bangle had encircled my wrist so tightly that I had to use my other hand to prise it loose. When I did manage to get myself a ride, I saw that truck on its side at the bottom of a ravine. Then there was the incident in the London Underground. While trying to retrieve my ticket from my bag, the snake bangle tightened so badly that my fingers became numb, thus restraining me from passing through the barrier to take my tube; the one which was attacked by terrorists. I could tell many such stories, so it is understandable that when I saw the snake ring in the shop window in the High Street, I didn’t hesitate to buy it there and then.


The next episode involved an on-line booking of a holiday with friends. When I was prevented from purchasing a ticket by the tightly clasped bangle, I tried to dissuade my friends from going. Unconvinced by my explanations, they went ahead with the trip and returned safely after having a wonderful time.


It was the lottery ticket which served as the wake up call. Trying to fill in my line, the constriction of my wrist caused a spasm that resulted in the final number being a change from my usual choices and missing out on a rollover jackpot.

It seemed as though my good fortune was changing and superstitious or not, my choices were removing the bangle, the ring or both. The decision was taken out of my hands, as it were. The bangle began to pinch my wrist so forcefully I was afraid it would cut off the blood supply to my hand. I had the snake bangle cut off me immediately and removed the snake ring too for good measure.


From now on I will leave my destiny to chance with the philosophy "you win some and lose some".



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