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by Mary Cresswell



Advance Planning


Remember that night?

It was just you and I

the very same night that

the dog ate the sky


which meant we were down

to 999

and the very first glitch

had hit our design


We went for the border

down the home straight

The dog ate another

so it’s 998.


Can you guess the rest?

It’s not a hard slog:

get rid of the puzzle

or get rid of the dog




a line, (a short blue one)



Walking With The Gods


I floated higher than a cloud

that wanders o’er Elysian hills

My head was bloody but unbowed

as I searched for asphodels

to strengthen me upon my way

in case this was my dying day


but they were nowhere to be found

nor paperwhites nor daffodils –

so I left Apollo’s ground

to follow more prosaic smells.

My feet continued fast and loose

across the veggie patch of Zeus


competing with Diana’s tracks

but it was not my day or time.

I fell into complete collapse,

out of tempo, out of rhyme,

trapped forever on the sod

all munched up by arthropods.




a line, (a short blue one)



Amuse Bouche


These days my cooking has no peer

the world waits with bated breath

celebrity chefs each take a chair

and wait to see what’s coming next

Is it duck à l’orange today?

or maybe fresh-baked sourdough

or scallops fresh from Golden Bay

with wine from deepest Marlborough?


But no! I’ll keep us all perplexed

Not Gordon Ramsay or Simon Gault

can figure out what’s coming next.

My own cuisine! The merest thought

would bring Escoffier to his knees…

while I serve yet more toasted cheese




a line, (a blue one)


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