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New poems by Melissa Davis



Three Women


Three women there were

Three women alone

They had as much allure

As any other one


The first she was shy

She did not know what to say

No whats, whos, or whys

Her head always looked the other way


The second was picky

Too specific, too perfect

Anything different was seen as icky

Every man had some defect


The third was wanting

She would be happy with any

But no man was ever asking

And so she was left empty


The three women wait

While everyone else walks in pairs

They never find a mate

And, in shame, embarrassed, despair


a line, (a blue one)


The Hunt


In the moonlight, you pounce at midnight

Attempting to keep from any fight

Deep sharp claws tear and shred the grass

Finding food with any unfortunate you pass

Your blue grey golden eyes are darting

And pointy ears are keen to all surroundings

Then, in a flash, all preying stops

A soft meow escapes and onto the grass you plop

Down I place your nightly treat

And this is the ultimate feat.


a line, (a blue one)


The Unbelievable


Today I became Alice in Wonderland

For into the rabbit hole I did descend

With a simple word one did demand

That I become ten and attend


A meeting with my principal

To discuss a tiny fight that I had.

Now, in what normal world shall

An adult have to defend why she was mad?


I did not say the first nasty remark

And yet I was placed with all the blame

On a journey as a student I must have embarked

As the other teacher tried to put me to shame.


But I would not sit and let her play me for a fool.

I did defend myself with all my will

And only a few tears kept me from total cool.

I am not a child like Alice with no skill


And the foolish teacher cannot make it right.

I will never forget the day down the rabbit hole

When I was like a ten year old in trouble for a fight

That’s launch was beyond my own control.




a line, (a blue one)


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