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The Extraordinary Ordinary
by Natalie Rodriguez



The best years of one's life.

Not for all of us.

It takes more than putting on that smile.

And act like everything is okay.

To pretend we are okay.

That we love others.



We deserve the worst.

Sometimes death.

Far beyond it.

We hate ourselves for what we have become.

For the path we have chosen.

Only, we are so naïve, like a cry from a newborn.


People like us.

We never deserve the bad.


We are worth it.

Worth every moment.

Every second of other's, and our lives as well.

We have to know this.

We made it out

We are alive for a reason

We just have to learn to keep living.

This is where we must be.

Amongst the ocean colored sky, where the sunshine swoons in and parts through the clouds.

We all have a specific purpose to be here.

But in order to be successful.



We cannot dwell so much on what was, but what will be.

Our destiny.

Something extraordinary we will become.



a line, (a blue one)


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