slippery slope
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Poems by Paul Tristram.


Greasy-Side Slide


I am on the greasy-side slide

I am travelling down fast.

Ripping through the good times

Back to the nightmarish past.

To walk the streets of confusion

Where the paranoid people roam.

Like insects crawling from a skull

We all at last, leave our homes.


Not a friend in this cold world

I am out here all alone.

Apart for the piss-stained darkness

Full of faces made of stone.

Perhaps this time I will die?

My dead body they will find?

But life is never that easy

The gutter is never that kind.


A life lived always on the run

A life of dangerous dealings.

The masses only give respect

To those without any feelings.

The greasy-side is a prison

An incarceration for the soul.

Once you have been there once

You will never again be whole.


I am on the helter-skelter of hatred

And I have nearly finished the ride.

Adrenalin is flowing and I’m ready to run

As soon as my feet hit the greasy-side.


a line, (a blue one)


Every Truth Is Pale


I miss the apprehension

That I had when I was young.

I miss the feelings that I felt

When we had only just begun.

I miss the hysterical tension

Before we became the norm.

I miss the undecided uncertainty

The calm before the storm.


I like the TV when it’s broken

I like the seaside when it sleeps.

Outside’s better when I’m inside

A sore’s more interesting if it weeps.

Am I any less of a man?

For not trying to win the game?

Like a limb that has been lost

I can still feel all of my shame.


I like to be completely alone

I really like my own company.

I hate living in neighbourhoods

For they make me feel unfree.

I am naturally different

Yet also choose to not fit in.

I am naturally different

To all but my own whims.


Stop giving me your excuses

Everything I see is stale.

Life is a lie, life is a lie

Next to which every truth is pale.


a line, (a blue one)


Against The Grain, Again


You are different, I am different

We all have different views.

If you pick normality

It doesn’t mean that’s what I’ll choose.

Sometimes I drink in the morning

Instead of only late at night.

Just because I am different

Does not mean that I’m not right.


Tattoos, scars and long hair

It’s not a statement, it’s just me.

I dress myself for myself

Not to give you something to see.

When you pass me in your suits

I don’t stop walking and stare.

It’s your choice, your life, your decision

I do not really care.


I must just be myself

I cannot live any other way.

If I am not hurting anyone

Then I’m doing no wrong today.

I do not have to be like you

I can stand out in a crowd.

I wear my colours defiantly

I let my soul roar proud.


Leave each to his own

I will live life my own way.

Even though sometimes

It’s a high price to pay.

Sometimes there is pleasure

And sometimes there is pain.

But that is just what happens

When you’re against the grain, again.


a line, (a blue one)


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