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Poems by Paul Tristram


An Ode To Finn McCoul’s


Where the Hell is Paul and Helen going

I’ve just heard Finn’s has been sold.

So it’s time to pack up and move on

it’s time to find myself a new abode.

No more one pound bottles of lager,

I suppose Sam the barmaid will also go?

The goldfish bowl will miss our laughter

yes, my spirits are now feeling so low.

They’ve only just re-opened upstairs

there is much more room for the masses.

To drink their shots of Black Sambuca

but alas, it’s nearly time for our glasses.



a line, (a blue one)


101 Damnations


A 101 damnations came crashing

straight into my poor life today.

Without a single word of warning

without a chance to get away.

Oh yeah, misery fell like rain

right down onto my frowning face.

Not one of the bastards missed

none struck at another place.

Bad luck normally comes in threes

but a 101 came today and hit me.

My day’s just like a bodiless funeral

what a miserable hell life can be!



a line, (a blue one)


Leopard-Scratch Love


You offered me your love

With outstretched claws to my throat.

Lay down my heart at your alter

Just like some sacrificial goat.

With your bitter two-faced love

You are strangling my affection.

Each day I just never know

If I am getting love or rejection.


I am torn, cut up and bleeding

Lying down upon the floor.

You laugh and dismiss me

But you know that I can never go.

You walk away and leave me

In pieces outside your door.

But I just lay here waiting

For you to come abuse me some more.


Even with all of your cruelty

You do not want me to go away.

I guess it is feeding up your ego

To see me in this helpless way.

Your vicious leopard-scratch love

Is all that I ever get from you.

Your vicious leopard-scratch love

Is completely ripping me in two.



a line, (a blue one)


I Come In Pieces


“I come in pieces!” said the man

standing outside the back door.

“I just wanted to listen to

someone else’s voice once more.

I do not need to come in,

I can stand right where I am.

Just a few minutes of your time

will make me a happy man.”


“You come in pieces!” said the woman

standing inside the back door.

“Just look at the state of you

I want you around here no more.

How dare you bother nice people,

come and disturb our peace.

You have now ruined my day

I am going to phone the police!”



a line, (a blue one)


Cancerous Breath


With your sick cancerous breath

you lie through your teeth.

Sending me your poisoned vibes

of aggravation, sorrow and grief.

Having sick fun at my expense

while playing your childish games.

Filing other peoples mistakes

under my already slandered name.

Wrapped up in vicious rumours

dressed up in two-faced deceit.

Hungry for my social downfall

my happiness you drink and eat.

Why don’t you give it all up?

why don’t you give it a rest?

Because your petty jealousy of me

is extremely tedious at best.

So go away and leave me alone

yes, go away and just let me be.

Keep right out of my private life

just stay the Hell away from me.



a line, (a blue one)


She’s At The Wheel Again


My life it is now in

The hands of another.

Sometimes confused by hate

Or comforted by the other.

Not exactly my enemy

Not exactly my friend.

But here we go again

Off up around the bend.


The cables have been cut

To the brakes of my emotions.

One look is all it takes

To kick start me into motion.

Oblivious to the outcome

Of my directionless ride.

A slave to her seduction

She keeps hungry the heart inside.


She’s at the wheel again

Driving me absolutely crazy.

An emotional hit and run

Her recklessness slays me.

She’s at the wheel again

Driving me absolutely crazy.

Down her road of rage

To where no one can save me.


There are no u-turns for me.

That is only too plain to see.

As she slams her foot to the floor.

My wicked side screams for more.




a line, (a blue one)


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