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Stamp It Under Foot


Stamp it under foot

then turn and walk away.

for if it serves no good purpose

it is merely in the way.

Negative things are obstacles

you need to cut them loose.

Out of date friendships

can strangle like a noose.

Wear your carefree attitude,

adopt your favourite cheeky grin.

Shrug off their envy and jealousy

stamp it under foot and win.



a line, (a blue one)


Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman’s Pawn


She didn’t like the look of him

so she told her boyfriend lies.

Filled with angry indignation

he advanced with violent eyes.

The bar it filled with curses

as they wrestled to the ground.

Blood escaped from its vessels

as fists exploded into sound.

Bruised, battered and confused

he staggered through the door.

He was a stranger to this town

and would stay so for ever more.



a line, (a blue one)


Mr Bongwater (A Poem)


The rubs his hands warmly

then answers the cell door.

They’ve honoured his request

they’ve brought along two more.

He cuts his lump, smiling

then mixes up his potion.

Adds the last of honesty

tears from his victims ocean.

He packs his cone up tight

exhales and passes it on.

The pleasure of the lonely

the handcuffs of the bong.

As they drop off one by one

he picks their conscience clean.

His dark syrup lunacy

he wants never to be seen.

Let them rob and plunder

let them cultivate the wrong.

Let them chain their brains

to Mr Bongwater’s bong.



a line, (a blue one)


Summer Daze


Laying in the Victoria Gardens

drunk and stoned to perfection.

My personal stereo is playing

an ‘Ozric Tentacles’ collection.

I am as contented as a kitten

there is a purring in my brain.

In this here state of idleness

I wish I could always remain.

This place is full of people

my closed eyes shut them out.

And the music in my earphones

drowns out every single shout.

I am covered from head to foot

in the Summer suns warm rays.

I just smile happily to myself

from inside of my Summer Daze.



a line, (a blue one)


Tears And Beers


I watched him cry into his beer

his wife had shown him the door.

Now he didn’t know what to do

so he just kept on drinking more.

He told strangers of his love

he swore that he’s get her back.

Then he bought both barmaids

two more double rum and blacks.

I watched him cry into his beer

as he staggered off to the phone.

He dialled and screamed “Bitch!”

then ordered a taxi to go home.



a line, (a blue one)


Congratulations Humiliation


She tried so hard to fit in

But her friends kept her at bay.

She gave a mile, they only wanted an inch

Sometimes life can be that way.

So she accepted false friendships

But trust her friendships lacked.

One day her soul split into two

They had stabbed her in the back.


Congratulations, Humiliation

Life has broken your little world in two.

Congratulations, Humiliation

Now life is a lonely, painful place for you.


He was always so very popular

He had friends both near and far.

He was the one with the girlfriends

The money, the clothes and the car.

Then one stupid drunken night

He behaved just like a fool.

Now, no one wants to know him

For he is now no longer cool.


Congratulations, Humiliation

Life has broken your little world in two.

Congratulations, Humiliation

Now life is a lonely, painful place for you.




a line, (a blue one)


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