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Poetry by Paul Tristram



The Night Time Pyramids


I have just woken up somewhere

there is darkness all around me.

I must have blacked out in town

God knows where I’ve found me?

Oh dear, I can see some pyramids

now this cannot be a good sign?

Have I died and gone to Egypt?

or did someone spike my wine?

I stand up upon my aching feet

surveying the land to each side.

Yes, they are definitely pyramids

from this truth I cannot hide.

Just then a large bus appears

with the name ‘Bodmin’ on display.

With a big smile I flag it down

they are Cornish hills of china clay.



a line, (a blue one)


Hell Cometh Closer


Hell it cometh closer

Heaven takes another step back.

Happiness it falls away

Depression jumps for the attack.

Friendships fade to nothing

Lovers they walk away.

Your family cannot help you

If in the bottle you stay.

The monotonous normal living

Emphasizes new found loneliness.

But to pretend interest

Is the ultimate phoniness.

Lay low and wait it out

Don’t search if it can’t be found.

Then you’ll have no one to thank

When good times come back around.



a line, (a blue one)


This Writer’s Aura


My head feels like a magazine rack

full of yesterday's useless information.

My heart feels like a passenger

who’s been left standing at the station.

My feet feel like those of a tramp

whose shoes are worn full of holes.

My spirit feels like a condemned man

who has a screaming, restless soul.

My arms they feel as weak and useless

as those of a nailed up, crucified saint.

My pride is now that of a ballerina

who knows that she is going to faint.

My courage is that of a very old hero

who no longer feels he can be brave.

My body’s like a man who wants to live

but who is trapped within his grave.



a line, (a blue one)


Cannabis Calm


Let all of this stress slip away

like the steam from a boiling pot.

Let all the anger and the hatred

await awhile their cancerous rot.

Let my troubles and insecurities

go an visit some other poor mind.

May numbness and lack of interest

be all that I now feel or that I find.

The inner massage it is beautiful.

it is so raw and yet so undefined.

To drift high on a cannabis calm

is like drinking up warm sunshine.



a line, (a blue one)


The Ballad Of The Annoying Aeroplanes


Suddenly, from out of nowhere

the aeroplanes they came.

In many different directions

but all sounding the same.

Annoying guttural groaning’s

from up in the outside sky.

So irritating it is enough

to make a grown man cry.

And then within a minute

another Bastard one appears.

My blood boils in my veins

As two more soon draw near.

Were they sent to disturb me

No, unlikely does that seem.

But I will hear aeroplanes

tonight in my disturbed dreams.

I wish that I had a gun

I’d shoot them from the sky.

I would give anything

to swat one like a fly.

But I cannot and they continue

to buzz loudly overhead.

Should I get more agitated?

No, I’ll blast music instead.

So I turn on the stereo system

slam down the window sash.

Shout a curse up to the Heavens

“I Hope You All Bloody Crash!”



a line, (a blue one)


Making A Start (Dangerous Naivety)


As I look from my window

Down over this dirty town.

I comfort the sad sight

With some more Newcastle Brown.

Just one more night

If I can only keep sane.

In the morning I’ll be gone

I will be on the 9am train.


This little town life

Is just much too slow.

So I’m off to the big city

That is where I must go.

Here is morning at last

I’m finally upon the train.

A million dreams rushing

Around inside my brain.


At last I am doing it

I am finally making a start.

Some people said I was wrong

But I’m listening to my heart.

As I step down off the train

Out onto busy platform 5.

I feel so God Damned good,

I feel so God Damned alive.


I carry my small bag

Out and across the street.

I look at my new world

From a park bench seat.

Then I walk around looking

For a place for me to stay.

But I can’t afford anywhere

At least I cannot for today.


I shall spend my first night

In the nearest bus shelter.

Things are going to be OK,

Yes, things will get better.

Because I have made a start

I have done what felt right.

And that in itself is worth

Sleeping in the cold tonight.


I am off down to London

But not to see the Queen.

I am off in search of things

That I’ve never before seen.

I am now going to live out

My every single daydream.

I am going to new places

Where I have never before been.



a line, (a blue one)


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