Volume 10
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by Paul Tristram


Crime Crisis


Everywhere I look, I see lights of blue
everywhere I look, I see uniforms of black.
The bodyguards of the general public
are once again united and on the attack.
All the angry youths gang in the street
as do all the fathers and drunken men.
Each heart feels hatred and frustration
there is a crime crisis in town again.
The streets they run with blood and pain
windows explode as people loot shops.
The whole place is one big panic button
but pressing it won’t make it all stop.
Overhead fly the home made petrol bombs
into the sky with the sticks and stones.
The actual weight of this disturbance
is making society’s foundations groan.
As dawn approaches in comes the army
at dinnertime there’s nothing left to see.
The only ones remaining are shopkeepers
picking up the pieces in silent misery.



a line, (a blue one)




The Aids virus is out of control
It is wreaking havoc across the land.
It is wiping people out in millions
But there’s still no vaccination at hand.
The sexual act is now like suicide,
Penetration is like Russian Roulette.
You can catch it from your first partner
Nowadays no one is really a safe bet.
The government’s campaign has died down
They no longer show Aids on TV.
And yet people are catching it daily
There is still a problem called HIV.
The government should get its act together
And show teenagers who want to play.
That everyone’s at risk from this disease
And you don’t have to be a junkie or gay.



a line, (a blue one)


Black Joke


I remember the passion in your eyes
as you threw that bottle at me.
It missed and smashed the window
but it was ok, I’d drunk it empty.
God, you looked so very attractive
when you slapped my grinning face.
And as you swung your arm wildly
I saw a little peek of black lace.
Yet, it was all just a stupid joke
I don’t really fancy your friend.
She does look very good naked
but I did not really want a lend.



a line, (a blue one)


The News At Ten


My crazy TV is alive with the News At Ten.
Spewing out disaster, speaking of death again.
Showing disturbing images of torture and pain.
The brutality of it all is depressing my brain.
A serial killer who still has not been caught.
Another senseless war that now has to be fought.
The stock market crashes and so does a school bus.
The Queen visits somewhere, the crowds make a fuss.
An oil slick in the sea and acid rain up in the sky.
Each news headline makes my depression multiply.
I can’t stand this anymore, I switch the TV off.
Lay down and close my eyes, thoroughly pissed off.



a line, (a blue one)


Ha, Ha, Ha


I took off at a run
but I landed with a bump.
It was a stupid thing to do
I should have started with a jump.
Spring is in the air
Summer is upon the ground.
The beggar has begged too much
he is giving back twenty pound.
The dog is chasing its tail
or is it the other way around?
And sobriety in Swansea
it still has not been found.
There’s a spider in my pint
there’s sarcasm in my eyes.
Clouds are drifting down the street
there’s dogshit in the skies.
She engulfed my heart with matches
she kissed my cigarette out.
I asked her for another
but her packet had run out.
The yogurt is really so thick
my girlfriend is so stupid.
She now wants a divorce
but she’s gone to see Cupid.
Ha, ha, ha yeah, ha, ha, ha
she is such a silly cow.
He has made her fall
back in love with me now.
I have just lost my temper
I cannot find it anywhere.
Ah, I can see it now
it’s over in that idiot's stare.
“Drop them Doris!”
shouted John to Mary.
The Dentist has been ripped off
by the Tooth Fairy.

Football is football
but rugby is not.
Except for the part
where they blow out snot.
The laughing Policeman
he is laughing no more.
Ever since he was caught
being tickled by a whore.
Everyone is happily dancing
they are doing the bumble bee.
Running around the room
stinging the shit out of me.
Tattoo’s are great
unless they go wrong.
Water tastes lovely
unless you drink it from a bong.
An apple a day
keeps the toilet in pay.
You know what they say dangerous toys will play.
Ha, ha, ha yeah, ha, ha, ha
my conscience gave me a clout.
It was just in time
my imagination had run out.



a line, (a blue one)


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