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by R. A. Allen




War and Peace is an early postmodernist Brechtian musical-comedy

film written by Fyodor Dostoevsky and adapted from Allen Konigsberg's

brooding chronicle of a mid-century Mitteleuropean border dispute,

Love and Death. It stars Boris Spassky, Boris Badenov, Nastassja Kinski,

Natasha Fatale, and Ilie Năstase; produced by Ivan Ivanovich, directed

by Felix Dzerzhinsky, choreographed by Nureyev и Nijinsky, music by

Gogol Bordello, stunts by Andrei Chikatilo, special effects by Yuri Gagarin,

animal wrangling by Yuri Zhivago, subtitles by Radio Free Europe,

filmed on location in West Egg and on the playing fields of Lower Slobovia.

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