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A Wizard Enters A Wormhole
byRobin Cantwell


insprinc haptbandun


Dustbeams streak in luminescent silhouettes,



the seafarer, harbinger of sin, linear elastics;

         a rood for my faith,

    my eyes no longer eyes, but visions,


    visions of a scientific masterpiece.


The nebula is but a clotted bagpipe;

sonic star maps peer into the fathoms of the night,


       until it is I and I alone, 

       trapped in dreamer’s synthesis.


We made the Muses sing. History hewn in marrow-bone,


      the King is dead, long live the dead King.


    Bring me my vellum, in feldspar shall I cast


                    the dying formation


                                        of a galaxy. 





a line, (a blue one)


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