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by Richard Schnap


Under The Influence


She was the one

For whom I penned

Dozens of poems


Each one so drunk

You could smell the beer

Rising from its words


She wrote after we split

Letters proclaiming love

That might as well be lies


For she cheated on all

Till no one was left

But the bartender of death


Now she appears

In my dreams sometimes

From which I wake


Expecting to find her

Still calling my name

In the alcoholic night



a line, (a short blue one)


Empty Well


She cried for the one

That made her the star

In the pornographic film

On the screen of his heart


And she cried for the one

That swallowed her whole

But grew tired of her taste

And spit her back out


And she cried for the one

That preferred the cheap touch

Of dolls he could discard

Without feeling remorse


Till she shed no more tears

For she’d learned that the ones

With the bottomless eyes

Shed no tears for her



a line, (a short blue one)


Light In The Darkness


At first I thought

It was a stab of lightning

Knifing down

From an angry sky


But as I got closer

It diminished to a house

Engulfed in wild flames

That it kindled itself


Then as I approached

It became a campfire

Where shadowy strangers

Sat warming their hands


Until I discovered

It was but a candle

Illuminating the face

Of a solitary man



a line, (a blue one)


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