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by S. F. Wright



Every day,

She comes in late,

Approaches my desk,

Asks to go

To the bathroom.


I let her,

Not really caring

If she’s in


Or not;

But other students

Are watching;

And if I don’t

Enforce the

“No going to the bathroom

During homeroom”


They might start to take



So, the next day,

I again tell her okay,

But say,

In the future,

Go before or after



She doesn’t ask

The next day,

Or the day after;

I figure

That the problem

Is solved.


But a few weeks later,

She again asks to go

To the bathroom;

And somewhat distracted,

Or just apathetic,

Or just not wanting

To be bothered,

I wave my hand:



Of course,

The next day

She asks, too.


The day after that,

I say,

Yet again,

You need to go

To the bathroom

Before or after



The following day

She doesn’t ask.


If she refrains

From asking again

For the next

Few weeks,

I’d say

That was




a line, (a blue one)


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