a question of balance
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Flying by the seat of my pants
by Sofia Kioroglou



Life is like riding a bicycle

You don't fall unless you stop pedalling

But what about freewheeling?

It is like allowing your life

to be controlled by destiny


The truth is that I have never learned

to ride a bike but only to freewheel

I love flying by the seat of my pants

I just love the unpredictable

I just want to see life like a walk in the park


Whoever said perseverance is failing 19 times?


In dungarees and a flannel shirt,

I can't keep the balancing and try

to hide my embarassment

when I meet the pavement


A few bruises and a scraped elbow

What a nasty fall still etched on my mind

Impossible to master balance and movement

Whoever said perseverance is failing

19 times and succeeding the 20th?


a line, (a blue one)


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