a wild ride
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by Terry Brinkman




Dave’s Last Ride


Four-Wheeling his contretemps Queen

Passed through the gape in the clouds to see the moon

Letting the sun fall on the floor at noon

Down a Well so deep the bottom could not be seen

Enemies of man’s reason drinking from a canteen

Good bad or indifference Railway Bridge over a lagoon

Attributed to the repetition of our raccoon

Tenacity of hat-reds domestic Halloween

Common factor is similarity in work

Rode over smoking globes of turds

Nocturnal perambulation crucified shirt

Rearing high a proud feathering trail

Mutate celibate gas-tight in dirt

Less than the arc which it subtends



a line, (a short blue one)


Wild Curiosity


The silence was not a long duration

War department library

Bare pearls and lilac veils

She will not forgive you

Should have been a terrible blow

War department’s lumpy bed

Luck starts as I suddenly recalled

When the well was out

Quality peculiar to desert storm

Enough with these rides with your dad

Quality peculiar to the dry desert present

When the tide was out

When all is said

Favoring several melodious

I am very happy



a line, (a short blue one)



Ardent Black Opal


You heard them say not death by Arsenic

Dreaming of eating Corn lanky simpleton

One Two Three sillies Arithmetic

Her never things fly too high

Irishman’s new bed his Coffin Palace

Invented in a lovely briber horrify

She died Must be dammed unpleasant pie

Ardent black opal crow’s Chalice



a line, (a short blue one)


Utah’s Plague


White hanker-chief masks sail

The Azul COVID 19 dark sky’s ahead

Above us clusters of Red Rock Respirators

With one online Mass’ Priest

Licks angry spirit juices

Coffin views from the Mount Olive Press

Red-mask risk of life to save life

Soul’s condiment not by bread alone

Besmirched the lily, until his last days

Voluntary poverty is bitter milk

High life, in my Truck on the red road

Chief Coffee-House table-licker’s last trail

Utah’s plague like cavity of a mountain



a line, (a short blue one)


Indigo Brew


Spiritual in its irony like Indigo Brew, purity delight

A charmed woman such eyes of youth

Primeval forest cruise, unnipped with aluminiferous

Uneven unpolished dark surface of truth

Unexpected Post Woman’s double door knock wit

Absence of light disturb her never more

Light would disturb her sit

Lower middle and upper hills of paper work



a line, (a short blue one)




Hers are the medium pair of skates

Something between them happened surprised electromagnetics

Full blown Water Lily bogus poetic

Lapses of purely domestically erring date

Sight of the Whipping Post came too late

Home life surroundings permeated sympathies

Loop Line Railway foot path mate

Crying around the crackling Yule Log Burdensome

Mumbles incoherently in the museum

Indecent uproars and catcalls Christendom

Alleged guilty weak case quarrelsome

Cobbler’s especial atavist crematorium

Mosaic Code prosily Platinum



a line, (a short blue one)




Waving oriental palms lemon green

The World’s greatest reformer’s light

Chapter of saint’s plutocratic twilight

A Black Skull Cap burning Kerosene

Keep back the crowd cornices Nazarene

Interplanetary transmitter’s daylight

Women whisper eagerly at night

Very puissant law and merci Caffeine

Rich rolling utterances under her hat

Ney Pots rainspouts whistling in the breeze

Icky licky mickey sticky Bat

Knobbed with knuckled buster Bees

Slipper-slapper hand slides over her cat

Toilet tank of life disease




a line, (a blue one)


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