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by Terry Brinkman



Life 22


Castor oil cough balls of laughter

Sea cold eyes death pew of the slain

Rich silk stockings dishonors of her flesh

Ghost woman rattling chains of phlegm

Stranding twining bullock friending

Coiled pipe description of modality

Ineluctable acid smoke light

Cambering sent of urine unshed tears

Damp cracking frog green worm wood mast




a line, (a short blue one)



Hope Has Left


That soundless tug conjectured

Unto his Nest again lifts his light Pinnace

UN washed and UN cooked

Twenty-five years never wrote to me

Ask no other thing out of Foxglove

So the walls do tell names of men

Anybody spy corpse rising salt-white

Hope has alabaster silent feathers

Hope has left




a line, (a short blue one)



Thousand Oaks Shooting II


Collage Cow-girl’s night

Boarder’s Bar-Keep

All night line dancing leap

Path of destruction gun light

Stood pale silent fight

Father Ocean asleep

Grave yard dead sweep

Blood sheeting plight

Quaking souls shattered glass

Weasel rat shooter all in black

Death God Hourglass

Bullets cur clicked-clack

Wind and piss pass

Escape oozing out window crack




a line, (a short blue one)



Sonnet CDVII


Laughing hyena mosaic code magnifier

Prosecutor’s bashful man juried modesty to adopt

Down on his luck blurred cattle copped

Crumping in silver haze Ferrer-eyed required

Lap ion on his coat changing Tire

Low plinth albino in Blue Dungarees flopped

Sever chill sick bed pensive mopped

Scrutinizes almost voiceless she transpired

Augured sour transfigured sacred affection

Love passages books of love on the written page

Poor horse with his harness slab bisection

Curling Cammie whip in the Lion-tamers cage

Rose-pink blood laying on her Handkerchief vivisection

I was just chatting on the double rampage




a line, (a short blue one)



Sonnet CDV


Home grown potato purloined botanical fiction

Forcing case of the Model Farm Moss

Frost-bound Coachman profound pitiful loss

Swelling caves eulogized glow logy addiction

Drawn-up to the limit in Silk-hose affliction

Polo ground ins-killings boss

Insulting to any lady double envelops gloss

My fine fellow Cat-o-nine-tails benediction

Joins his hands with hang dog diver

Unbuttoning her gauntlet violently adventure

She will flog him black and blue hirer

She will do no such thing for the venture

Weight for age marble time piece held with wire

She will dig her spurs in for a telegraph indenture



a line, (a blue one)


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