sheepskin metonymic
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by Terry Brinkman





Aristocrat soft clinging whit criticizing

Little pool by the rock hiding the ball

Wearing blue for luck in the brawl

Scorching the things seems appetizing

Pent-up feelings cry nicely before baptizing

Apple of discord for all

Unmentionables start to fall

Her eyes misty with unshed tears apologizing

Sad plight misadventure blessed

She kissed away the hurt-ness first

A deliberate lie with the pest

Finely veined alabaster outburst

Ghost woman beautifully dressed




a line, (a short blue one)



The Spiritual Life


May she bless you?

The Holy Ghost Woman

Saint Mary

Sets their hearts on fire

Deathless Gods

Strengthens the supernatural

Gloaming Gray Spirit

The spiritual life




a line, (a short blue one)





Tortoiseshell guzzling wily

Improper overtures peerless globes crying

Elbow length Ivory Gloves off and flying

Glasses duns ink time for mail

Inside her huge Opossum Muff time for riley

Sleety day objectionable persons underlying

Grid of the waist-pipe cold snap terrifying

Home-grown botanical extent idle bulimic

Forcing case of the potato purloined flux

Model Farm Venus in furs patronymic

Frost-bound Coachman profound redux

Escutcheon garnished sheepskin metonymic

Silk Hose swelling cavies eulogized Benelux




a line, (a blue one)


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