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by Terry Brinkman





No bigger than a woman’s Crown of a Queen

Perceived from two different observations of the moon

Nocturnal perambulation light at noon

Avoirdupois measure pandemic caffeine

Reminds herself twice not to forget the canteen

Feast of the Ascension at the Blue Lagoon

Stable equilibrium impact COVID from the raccoon

Crouching in preparation like Halloween

Their point of junction’s always works

Fallen below the Still water puzzle

In an unfurnished room hangs my new shirt

Hydrostatic quiescence calm guzzler

Subjacent scullery dirt

A candle reclines against time’s muzzle




a line, (a short blue one)



Sonnet CCCV


Against hopelessness of his father’s invention

Rays stockings silk high voice smoking a cigar

Heart Astir perched on her stool playing guitar

Wed her second after having killed her apprehension

Star gyrate slight concern School-For-Chin comprehension

He polished his fork with her napkin when sitting at the bar

Born with a silver knife in his hand led to the scar

Wealth of the world warm human plumpness tension

Quart of Ale’s covered in mud

Silent swan song forty shillings to buy a car

War-Wick-Shine equivocation drinking a Bud

Lost pins threatening to buy one pin cushions bazaar

West from us he drew shylock long pockets blood

Nights in peace smoking bald heathers cigar




a line, (a short blue one)



Sleepy Whale 348


The black north with true discipline

Brief gestures a kiss to overhaul

Ghost woman’s screaming night fall

Rich silk red stockings feminine

Pray for her Sin

Over her shoulder comes the snowfall

Dark lady and fair man’s brawl

Blue Dust Gin

Human shells smile somewhat

Snot green mold

High minded forget-me-not

Utah’s west-ward’s cold

Alabaster illuminated spot

Cowboys and Indians of old

West wealthy, knot

Weak wasting hand foothold



a line, (a blue one)


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