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Thanksgiving’s four mile Race
by Terry Brinkman



Each Thanksgiving Santa Barbara has a race, a lot of places have thanksgiving races, and they are usually a 5K or 10k Fun Run. It has been a few years since my last race; I felt I could still do a Four Miler. I was in Santa Barbara to have Thanksgiving with my son Bret, my daughter Britney too he was not running but his girl Loran and her father and Britney were.  It was the first time it had ever snowed in Santa Barbara, it was just a skiff of snow but it was snow. I am kind of a smart arse so I said someone was going fall on the wet leaves, with kind of slight laugh (not thinking I would ever fall).

The race started with the sound of a Limp Horn. Right off the bat Britney passes me then Loran and her father they were running side by side. I was doing okay about in the middle of the pack.

Around mile two the smart arse slipped on the leaves and fell; I tried to catch myself with one arm jamming my right elbow. Laying on the path the other runners just jumped over me (no offer of help to get up). It took a few minutes to make my way up after that group of runners were passed.  I had no idea which way to go, I had my phone so I called Britney for directions, she had already completed the race, everyone was wondering where I was; she gave me directions and I told her I would complete the race and see her soon. About a half a mile from the finish line Britney met up with me to complete the race. I had passed a few runners so at least I was not last.

The race people were waiting for me (guess they heard I fell) they asked if I was okay, “I think so, don’t think my arm is broken” they said there were no instar care open  on Thanksgiving.  I was not bad enough to go to the emergency room. Loran’s mother was a retired nurse; so she checked my arm and helped me get a sling.

I went to Loran’s house for a Thanksgivings supper, stayed they a few more days (every one thought I was klutz and a baby). 

My arm was hurt for a few weeks, after getting home.




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