good things come in twos
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Two Stories
by Terry Brinkman


Trick or Treat


On Halloween I usually stay down-stairs with our cat Sabastian so he won’t run out when we are treating the trickers. But this year my wife had a zoom meeting with a group of nuns; yes I did ask if she was sure it was not a group of witches.  Never the less I got to pass out the treats and watch Sabastian; he never once tried to get out the door, he liked seeing the (kids) Ghosts and Goblins. 

We had about One Hundred and Fifty treaters come to our house this year, groups of all sizes from one kid with their mom or dad, to a group of fifteen friends.

Between the door-bell ringers I would just watch T.V. and think. I remembered back sixty years ago I usually went Trick or Treating by myself.  I had an older sister that would go with no one like my mom and dad.  My older Brother took my younger brother, so I went alone and if I remember right that was okay with me.

I remember a few times one year I dragged my Halloween bag, and by the time I got home I had no candy it fell out the hole I drug in the bag.  I vaguely remember two times when I was beat up and they took my candy, one of the times my brother found them and got my candy back.

Weird, a lot of times I still like being alone.



a little line


No T.V.


In August I went to Rome with my family; I and my wife flew from Utah to Atlanta, that’s where we met my youngest son, he came from Missouri.

Thirty minutes into the flight the Pilot - well I guess the Pilot - announced the Wi-Fi and Television was not working. Fifteen minutes later someone else over the loud-speaker announced they were working on it but the Eleven hour flight might not have T.V. . . .

The announcement takes me back to Homer Simpson; The Encode the Shinning, A take-off from the movie The Shining. Where Homer is a caretaker of a Summer Lodge, when he finds out too late there is no television and he goes nuts.

When I found out there was no T.V.; what else is not working! Who cares! They don’t. No T.V. No T.V. No T.V... Where do I get off! Terry can’t survive this trip from Hell, No T.V.

Aaah, they just got it working; now I can sleep.    




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