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by the unfolding head



Dinner at Mehmet’s


was served

on the floor

outside his kitchen

on red carpets

and dusty cushions

with hungry spiders

waiting on every wall


it was where I learned

about the custom

of building above

for future generations


Mehmet explained

in pidgin English

& pointed

beyond his parked taxi



& unfinished



beams exposed


cinder blocks

with nothing to do


stray pipes

waiting to be plucked

like inherited

body hair


his wife served us goat


& Mehmet used the utensils

to map out

his roofless monument

to the children



a line, (a short blue one)



Rocket Propelled Rectum


Cauliflower couscous

could make

the A bomb blush


I stare into the bowl

& remember

every Vietnam war film

I have ever watched



I don’t need a medic


just another beer

& five more minutes

in the sun



a line, (a short blue one)



for Don D



I wonder

if you still

put cigarettes out

on your arm for fun

on balmy spring nights


or whether

tattooing your initials

across your entire ribcage

scratched that itch


I remember crying

with laughter



into each other’s faces


fifteen years on

I wonder


if you still

have a dip


& grin


teeth wide


protruding lip


bits of brown tobacco

waiting to be flicked




a line, (a short blue one)





I ran right into Luke Smith



being one of the most common

English surnames


it was always likely

to happen


I bit the concrete

hard & fast


dinner ladies came


put one half

of my adult front teeth

in a cup of milk


I stared at it


there on the headmaster’s coffee table


it didn’t hurt

but I could tell

from wincing faces



my smile

had changed forever



a line, (a short blue one)




where the French girl

shook her breasts at me


& an Italian

tore me a new one

over a Swede


and I had to pretend

to smoke

just to get a breather


& the pelicans

kept their beaks out


while dollar sized ants

patrolled the gates


& the palm trees

remembered Cook


& mud crabs

told us perfect lies

with their pretty

little eyes


banana bread hills

filled bamboo pipes




there was a gecko in the fridge


always houses on stilts


& large ass leaves



to the sounds

of the shoreline



a line, (a short blue one)



Blue Man, Las Vegas Spring 2005


We had left

Des Moines

with hangovers

many many

hours prior


we smelled

& looked

like shit


couple of pups

dying in the desert


we took two steps

out of the bus station

& stopped

to look around


a tall man

in a powder blue

three piece suit

with a tall

powder blue hat

& cane to match

holding a blue



took one look

at my friend

and said

with real disgust

‘GODDAMN girl’


she turned to me

with tears in her eyes


and we walked back inside




a line, (a blue one)


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