Some titled by Claudio De Luca.
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Four Poems By Joshua Coetzee.

White lighter

I am a white lighter
a deep page writer
I am a humble fighter
a noble protector of love
of truth
not hidden but simple and clear
where fools often tred for lack of fear.

I have been there but now always here.
I the chosen are now acceptent
the willing not imposing, always available.
I am more than the shell noticed more than i.
inside my core is my truth, my truth is my core

not hidden but simple and clear
where fools often tred for lack of fear.
almost none see what is so open and free they miss the strength, my love, and me.

I am a strong white lighter
a direct deep page writer
I am a formidable humble fighter
a viciously noble protector of love and truth.

a line

Do Not

Do not impose your weakness on me
In hope I will think it is mine
And claim it for my own

What is mine was given to me
At birth bestowed as my right
It cannot be claimed or stolen away

All that is not given is lost
My gift is mine own and I accept it
Be a pedlar and take your weakness else where

Do not see my love and tenderness as weak For where there is love, the world bows its knee I am more than you can contend, my love sets me free.

Run away and do not look back, for you'r own sake The war is over and the battle won, so please go All you do now is as you have from the start an exercise in futility.

a line

Murder of conformity (titled by C Deluca)

Slipping through the ashes
gaining more and more whip lashes
nothing but dirt and dust
remains of what was, a could have been, but now bust

the me

basic programming 101 insilled and infused souls left shrinking, dieing, bemused how I gave up the best of me to please the rest of me

the best me

yes I did, kill myself, I did
to present to you, my perfect bid
to sit and be an ohh so perfect fit
around your broken glass table
more fake than and old wives fable

the true me
a fake of conformity

a line

To the one I still haven't met

I wait for you
To walk into my life
Like a ghost a free spirit.
I have seen your eyes
Blue-Green like like a mystic far away sea.
They see through me
into me
the real me.
Eyes like mine that see as I do.
I have seen your hair
Black as night that hides your inner beauty Long and free like you and me.
I wait still, for you
To walk into my life
Like a ghost a free spirt
Like me.
Your soul is free, your heart is pure
Love is your gift and your power.
I wait for you, as you wait for me
To walk into you'r life
Like a ghost a free spirit.
You have seen my eyes
Brown and Green like a distant mountain stream They see you for all you are But never get enough.
Our paths will cross and our souls will meet Two spirits will join and heaven will sing.
The world will shake and our love will never break.

a line

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