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The Winamop art gallery is open. Do browse around.

Pictures by Ira Joel Haber

landscape again

A landscape by ira joel haber, follow the link to the Photobucket site.

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a longish line

Photography by Claudio De Luca

embedded reflaction

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a longish line

jerk-over temple

This is "Jerk-Over Temple", a picture from the on-line exhibition "Pop Mennonite" from American artist Don Swartzentruber. There are ten oil paintings on canvas and fourteen drawings sketched in bronze and raisen noir prisma and carbon ink. On the mat of each drawing is a symmetrical emblem of an eight-point star (as found Mennonite and Amish folk art) with Mickey Mouse ears (from popular culture). Each image has a kindred expression that manifests as a comic book. Old church bulletins were collaged into the pages from the archives of my father who faithfully collected bulletins each Sunday for almost forty years.

(The Mennonites are a religious group which originated in Europe during the Reformation, they were persecuted and fled around the world, some settled in the U.S.A.)

Carnal Casino.. head

This is the goat's head from "Carnal Casino", one of 36 6" x 8" oil-painted panels which make up the Totem Triptychs. Each triptych has three panels. The layout concept for these triptychs spawned from the children's card game that playfully matches animal parts resulting in hybrid animals. While each triptych is thematically complete, there is unlimited potential for variant narratives when the panels are interchanged.

Click on the pictures or here to see more and if you are inspired to write some interpretive prose on the Totem Triptychs then Don would welcome your contribution. See here for details.

a longish line

Security by Dee Rimbaud

Security by Dee Rimbaud. Dee is a writer and artist who runs Thunderburst.co.uk, which is also home to the AA Independent press guide. This picture and many more are for sale pending Dee's move so check out the "Art work for Sale" section of his site for more pictures.

another line

help me!

A little art-vérité.
I call it simply: "Help!"

a line (small in size)

bottles in a window

This is one of the Doktor's photographs which catch the world off guard. You can see some more if you click the picture or visit his own web-site.

a line (small in size)

heart city by hilary bryanston

This is "Heart City" a 1987 work by artist, sculptor, wood carver (and more) Hilary Bryanston. She now lives in Wales where she continues to work in many art forms. She has a web-site but I don't know how up-to-date it is.

a line (small in size)


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