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Inside The Fool and other poems. By Joshua Coetzee.

Inside The Fool


Hay you

It’s me

The you inside of me

you always wanted me to be free

didn't you ??

Didn't You !!

It’s the me inside of you

Do we remember you

the way we used to be?

And now I'm free

Like opening up Pandora's box to see

and looks like you set me free

Fool -

Now you see

You were better off the way you used to be But its too late!

Now you see

Why the me inside of you

Should never have gotten free

But now I'm free

And its too late now

You'll never stop me

I'll always be free

Changed from you to me

Now I’ll always be free

Because you let me

Take you away

Take you down

And chain you here

Where it used to be me

But now it’s you

And then there's me

Causing the wanton destruction of you

Pitiful fool

You fool

You worthless sniveling fool

But thank you

'Cause now I'm out of you

And free of you

To do as I please to you

My perfect little fool !!!

a line

Let Me Go (ode to Jon)


With out warning, he runs

out of the building

into the field, and

with arms outstretched,

looks up, beholds a dying sky

Grey are the clouds above,

and cold the rain coming down,

still he looks upward,

in anticipation, with hope

of life’s meaning, or end

His friends stand appalled

watching, sensing his gloom

but they are helpless, they

dare not venture forth, to

save this friend in the rain

The clouds grow darker,

the rain, colder and heavier

soaks his dark clothing,

his hair and pale skin

maybe now he will find peace

Peace is all he wants,

either and answer to an

unasked question, or just

an end, end of pain

existence, anything

a line

Today ??


Why today

A man

Died today

Asked why today

Became another number, in a group

On a shelf, in a file


Flayed today


From pain, shock, all thought

Was set free

In the worst way


While I slept

He crept

Out of bed

To his fight

To do right

His workers plight

As we all do

Put on his tie

Kissed his wife , Goodbye

A man was killed today

Why today

Did he pay the price

For doing what’s right

His workers plight

Became a statistic

Front page news


Flayed away

From pain , shock and sorrow

Left no more time to borrow

Was set free

In the worst way


Paid the price

For what was right

While others would fight

For a higher wage

They put him on his last page

He Died

For what was right

He Died

For what was right

He just went to work.

a line

The Line


borrowed time

back again

going for another round

walking that thin line

searching for a sign

to fall from the line,

a wire stretched to the ends of time

see time from far away

to be free of all time

I walk that line

no fear, just resolve

walking away from the crumbled ruins

there's nothing left

walk away

walk away

away to the end of time

find the end of the line,

and step off...

a line

It’s Friday


another day like today

and a Romeo and Juliet plot

it’s just Friday

slide silent through the masses

paling faces around,

all fly

curiosity strikes them all

it’s Friday

we slide down together

let them ask why


in the day

amazed at the vipers song

floating and whistling by

it’s Friday


a line



last night

it was too late for us all

wallowing on our floors

in sorrow

and caffeine, more

a requiem for those going

never now to call

music fades with mornings light


goodbye to you all

the last song

echoes on...

a line




sit silently in the dark

no one tells anything

it’s like what was always said


show your true friends

those you can trust

who are there when you're crushed

by the secrets

and the ones you can't


ruin your night

your life in a bind

secrets come from behind

haunting your mind

making it all worse for you

but I know your secrets now

a line

If Silence Is Golden


If silence is golden

Then we would have a fortune

Between the two of us

It has been so long.

So very long

Since we've really said anything

"Forever..." you sighed.

saying you love me.

but I can see it in your eyes

its mostly make believe

but I tell myself

only to believe.

We hold on to what we have

if only you could see

what this is doing to me

you laugh and say

"It’s nothing-

just something you would have had to seen..."

If silence is golden

then we would have a fortune

between the two of us

but we could never buy

all the time we've lost

all the things we've missed

and never said those things

that we should have.

all that went unsaid

it’s all gone now.

a line

Beggar and the wind


"a nickel !! a nickel !! hasn't anyone a nickel !?!"

cried the beggar

the icy wind

with freezing blast,

is his only answer

he listens...

the wind...

moans like a child in agony

and whistles 'round him

like a long, lost friend

it blows and seems to say,

no my friend

not today

shall you find

what you seek

thus, the beggar knows

his life is on the wind

he watches

a browned and dead leaf,

blow in circles 'round him

the wind,

with foolish glee,

taunts him, as if to say,

no my friend, not today,

will you get a nickel.

a line

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