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Oh Good, we're having an election!

As if it weren't bad enough that we're having to negotiate our way out of one of the most bureaucratic organisations in the word - the European Union, our undemocratically unelected prime-minister has seen fit to throw a spanner in the works and call a general election.

For those of you in countries unafflicted with a democratic government, a general election basically means that every politician stops doing anything useful and starts swanning around the country annoying everyone with endless public appearances.

You'll be about your business, shopping or whatever, when suddenly you are accosted by some political activist with a leaflet in his hand.

You'll be strolling through town when you become aware of an unpleasant noise. As you round the corner you discover that the noise is being generated by a politician broadcasting his febrile thoughts through a loudspeaker system in the town square.

You'll turn on the TV only to find that your favourite programme has been replaced with a "Party Political Broadcast" or some tedious pontificating by journalists on the subject of the previous tedious pontifications of the politicians.

On your way to work you'll be disappointed to discover that the rather eye-catching Marks & Spencer underwear posters have all been replaced by pictures of Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn trying to look prime ministerial.

Your anti-social media outlet of choice - be it Face-Ache or Twatter - will be cram full of posts by political lobbyists and random invective directed back at the lobbyists.

As for the "news"papers...

Thankfully it'll all be over on June 9th and I can venture outside again.

Until then I'm staying in bed with a good book.



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