power slips away, we go to London, and trouble with shoes
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Poems. By Andy Bate.


Goodbye mister c.

Goodbye then mister c,
You have finally lost your rage.
All your youthful anger has gone,
Now you don't have centre stage.

You brushed away a dictator,
Your revolution would save them all.
Such great joy and waving of flags,
The people really got your call.

A finger on the button,
Armageddon if you had to.
Old Nikita was wasn't so strong though,
You looked a fool in sixty two.

So much to achieve you said,
I and The country will succeed.
But isolation led to such desolation,
Corruption made the country bleed.

You say the people love you,
But who dare disagree.
Look what you have done to them,
Their Crumbling houses and their poverty.

Your revolution has failed them,
Chaos and fear is what you leave.
Goodbye forever then mister c,
It is time to let Cuba breathe.

Andy 22/2/2008


a line


Capitol visit.

Been to London,
So there to see .
Been to London,
Just you and me.

Been to London,
There to be seen.
Saw it all we did,
But never saw the queen.

Andy 5/3/2008


a line


So many shoes .

So many pairs of shoes,
Nowhere to keep them all.
So many pairs of shoes,
Lined up the hall.

So many pairs of shoes,
But only one pair for me.
So many pairs of shoes,
Many bright colours to see.

So many pairs of shoes,
And Only eight feet live here.
So many pairs of shoes,
Fashion and females cost me dear.

Andy 4/5/2008

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