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New poems by Andy Bate

Biggest fear.


My biggest fear,

Is that you wont be near,

If ever I am in dire need of you.


So please don’t stray,

Too far away,

Because I wont know what to do.


So stay close by,

So this will satisfy,

My fear of being alone.


So if need be,

You can come to me,

And I wont face anything alone.


Andy 19/9/2008


a line


I went to Spain.


I went to Spain,

On an Airplane,

The luggage carousel,

It Was really such a pain.


I went to Spain,

Just to escape the rain,

So very soon I was home again.


I went to Spain,

On an Airplane,

I think will go again.


Andy 19/9/2008



a line


Just a wish.


If just a wish I had,

I know what I would wish for,

That thing’s would be right between us,

Just like once before.


If just a wish I had,

We would not be apart,

And how I dearly wish,

I never broke your heart.


Andy 17/9/2008


a line


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