Why oh why?
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"Winamop". Stupid name for a web-site?

Well yes, I suppose so. I was going to Winamp's web-site and my fat finger must have caught the "O" key as I went for the "P". I got Winamop.com, or rather I didn't, because it didn't exist! It made me laugh to see the pathetic lament from IE that it "couldn't find winamop.com" and I went and registered it.

So I had a nice domain name and I needed some content.
Content is all.
So many sites have a nice look but no content. I have enjoyed sites such as The Rockall Times and The Onion (and even written for some of them) but their brand of humour seems a bit too harsh in large quantity. I craved light and shade. A wider range of emotion. Space for some real writing.

We launched in May 2003 with a shameless copy of Winamp's front page but the joke soon wore off (and Winamp changed their front page!) so we designed our own. We hope you like it.

So here it is. I hope you find something to amuse, inspire or provoke you. Maybe that should be our mission statement... "To Amuse Inspire or Provoke"? No, maybe not. New stuff is added regularly, the diary keeps you up to date on that, and we have hundreds of pages now. Nothing ever gets deleted unless an author requests it.

You can contribute too. Please send any suitable material to us. The mail button is below. We offer nothing but the honour of seeing your stuff on the planet's premier written-word web-site!



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