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Poems by Ashok Niyogi. Part One.



Chinese pomegranate
is flame red

pebbles find
total delight

the wind
is absolutely conscious
as it was
before it birthed
the flame red flower
beneath which
the pebble lies


this road walks up
to a suspended moon

she will swoon
in swirling mist
about her feet

the owl will meet
its real prey
rotate its head
and pretend to be gay

in the blindness
of sunlight


the poet looks for
clarity in yellow smog

he reckons
today is the day
he will find
a subterranean connect
between sulphur springs
and pterodactyl wings

the lice will bite
skin that is watertight

angels will alight
from horse drawn planes


a fossil tree
will aggressively save
his laptop screen

while ephemeral spirits
trick or treat
on Halloween
and soldiers ambush
very small children

joy is manifest
on the cherry tree
our facial skin
is rhino hide
bees fight shy

and ghosts multiply
in Shanghai


he that slaughters
does not slay
he that is slain
is unnecessarily vain

flame colored flowers
fallen between pebbles
are in immense pain

through the sunlight
fall large drops of rain


Ying and Yang
embrace prematurely
beneath the apple tree

on this mountain
it is early fall
pitted apple blossoms
choke with the mist

even if you insist
obstinate grass will resist
the onslaught of fallen fruit
rock hard with frost

in this humid cold
the worm has hundreds
of arthritic feet
retreat is labored

beneath the bifocals
of a wind eroded god

Story With An Uncertain Ending

winded by the hard labor
of being an unmitigated god continuously
for a century
he leans against the leafy banyan tree

an anonymous archer
has shot a miscellaneous arrow
through his divinity
that which has come to pass
was ordained to be

removed from passion
above virtue and sin
enamored by no one
besotted with nothing
always blind now bleeding
he cannot but win

what final commandment then
for other immortals
who are eternally condemned
to walk the straight and narrow path
or incur his dying wrath

a line

More in Part Two.

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