the darker side
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7 New Poems from Clifford K. Watkins Jr.

Faceless Redemption  

rocking chairs vacant
the lone whisperer reinvents himself
standing anew
someone else
other than you
envisioning unknown realms
a crucifix painted blue
a lucky buckeye
and swirling immaculate hues
darkness has friends
spinning wild lies
cloud-faced depression
pacified with awkward tongues
too tired to pretend
breathing with angry lungs
unable to mend
memories spin
I'm him again
to my chagrin
it never ends
the windows run
our quest is done
wandering through barren wilderness
a golden beggar's sun
lost reflections
memories of rust
spilling lies
liquid lives
parched by excess
leave nothing to trust
a shed of coal dust
a fine mess
blown into a furious gust
you've been blessed
redemption is a must
awakened to
a dawn of strangers
blind assumptions
repression clears
the path of doom
absent tears
consolidating madness
insanity looms
swimming in our fear
words empty
a stranger is breathing near
condensation rolls on shards of glass
a glimmer of obsession
it comes to pass
one can dream
delusional bliss
it comes fast
transcend everything
become anything
a million fragments of myself
a world on a whim
seeking solace
someone else
opening my eyes for a fallen friend
trying to be a universe again!
sneezing out coal dust
dancing around the pigpen
skipping into the apple orchard
wild-eyed strangers encircling fire
unconscious confessions
a setting so dire
uninhibited fools
naked mannequins
whispering heedless words
moonshine warming their hands
unlocking their minds
simple strands
burning lines
beneath a sky of lunacy
pretending everything is okay
screams of futility
kicking at imaginary dogs
haunts his existence
jousting at a face of bliss
a caustic wit
or a closed fist
remnants of lost worlds
pointless swirls
unexpected guile
they're easily unfurled
shell casings
blood-stained knives
disrupted sleep
untrained eyes
evil arrives
the world is a mound
of clueless tiers
hands down
liberation hides
switching gears
reality slides
and surreal scenery goes flying by
minds are emptied into night's reign
he's never the same
anything but the norm
grand uncertainty
a single flame
a fragmented plane
the promise of light
demeaning names
and an underlying sacred swarm
ending the game
the eyes are cold
the water is warm
we live
we lie
we linger undone
so timorously racing
against a swollen sun
make your fate
and create
beyond us lies everything
anything more than our meager lives

a line


Skies Of Gold

ephemeral skies of gold

dissipate into the eyes of old

where the convoluted mind of misery slowly unfolds

life could be our biggest obstacle

outside of it anything is possible

a line


The Hideous Being

gaze into the eyes of the hideous being

screaming and reaching for tomorrow's dream

I'm nothing

moments fleeting

a corpse entombed

a meager heart beating

racing against doom

I'm the dream waning

captivated by this womb

it's pointless

the complaining

a recluse lost in this room

easy oblivion is always near

futile words reign

and echoes linger

as the fallen fury of a single tear

a line


Music Box 

we exist in some fleeting spinster's dream

as she twirls in a music box

listening for secrets

swimming in our tears

she brings the melody that summons our fear

she sits in darkness

spinning fortuitous realms of bliss

and when she awakes

we vanish into nothingness

a line


We Are They

mourners feast from the smoke house

and garden light

grudgingly they travel near the threshold of madness

like lonely whisperers ready to scream

muttering ultimate truths

afraid to be obscene

carving rock tributaries in crimson streams

waiting for anyone to enter their dreams

they burn unsightly strangers

as swirling smoke ascends into heaven

appeasing gods

insuring their return

and another tomorrow

they dance for forgiveness

and laugh away sorrow

they dream of bliss

wanting to believe in anything

but their randomness

a line


Choose A Muse

choose a muse for inspiration swirls
enter strange witness
this flurry of dreams
lose yourself in this forgotten world
pointless legions
and insanity streams
listen to the influx of sorrow
and reasons why
counting the footsteps before she arrived
blood-swallowed disorder
and rolling hills of intrusion
if only there was a place to hide
but no one survives this carnival ride
slowly evolving into god's eyes
maybe someday we'll reappear
and maybe her reflection is clear
in this stint we wallow in the quagmire of somber Sunday
we travel inside ourselves
trying not to cast life away

a line

Dear God

a soul's a breeze
and a world a whim
it makes sense
religion's a fence
freedom's indifference
we breed away innocence
closed mind
shut up and die
maybe god will make us blind
there's not enough uncertainty in your mind
once lost
I prayed for a rainy day
I cursed the sun anxiety-gray
I dreamt the sun died
consumed by a cloud along with our eyes
I used to wonder what is a soul
is it like a heart
or empty like a hole
could it be seen in art
or felt as tears rolled
is it fun like words
can it be adjusted
or eaten like flocks
and herds
the more I've read
the less I've learned
we've sinned for ages
and I've turned countless pages
do people really live in stages
minds can't be dissected with tactless tools
we're all idiots
colossal cowards
and hopeless fools
sleepwalkers over puddles of our own drool
it's okay
progress is rude in a way
tomorrow forges on
where the tree lover is dead
and so far gone
technology is life's expense for simple sense
the average man is insignificance
the face no one sees
we're never clear
remember me
or I was never here
not a remnant of a dream
or shard of memory
a flushed reality

god's stomach rumbles
unheard words mumble
as cookie-cutter people crumble
we're eager to devour
god's shit which is our flowers
there's bravery in hopeless cowards
ordinary beings with inept powers
there's no relief
death is a thief
we can't escape grief
what do you believe
I'm bloodshot eyes
tobacco stained teeth
art splattered on walls
a phone rings
but no one ever calls
meet satan
today it's alcohol
mildew decorates the hall
the web could be another way to smother
a nosy neighbor who redefines big brother
a mind reading mother
a probe of certain kind designed to unlock minds
and give vision to the blind
it's positive in a certain sense
but negative too meets at indifference
freedom of the mind is all that's truly left
it's all we've ever had
go ahead
take another breath before death
imagine a monopoly on minds
big brother charging you to fantasize
life's goal
to manipulate what's behind your eyes
deep in mind
a mine of knowledge stolen caves in
we hope to live again
I fear the end
I'm not self-assured
but I can pretend there's a cure
certainly I'm sure
that wisdom scars are forgiven
blood drained from veins
but I'm still living
the more we advance
the more we derange
the evil strain of convolution stains

is god a witch doctor chanting in my brain
are we characters on a screen
a video game
am I deranged
what's he smoking
you've got to be joking
game over
deposit another token
today god is the sun
and yesterday's jesus is the ocean
we're insanity in motion
a bloated corpse floating
as sharks start to frenzy
I know you're bored just pretend for me
treading water
I'm my own worst enemy
from burning flesh to divinity
escaping thru open wounds
freed from the burden of reality
life's a joke
a quest
a fleeting memory at best
wisdom could be the ability to sing in drowning distress
I guess
some say the waves are the source
I bleed words
and beat a dead horse
ideas gather
it doesn't matter
I'm getting fatter
the object of ridicule
I mean laughter
I write faster
maybe tomorrow I'll be wiser
life's master
I try to prosper
but dawn comes too soon
shut up fool
night light entombed a simple buffoon

a line

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