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Dr. Stuart. By Paul Hawkins

A balcony and Fosters,

Telecaster feedback, no announcement,

Full of love and fears and, of course,


In only one take,

Smiles and things down on tape, milk a cow (oh yeah),

we cawed as we thought.


Chris of hearts lounged out beside us,

Canvassing loudness, colour and brightness,

Alive in a room with five halls.



Memories surround us,

Universal things, shatter and fall.


A guitar that breaks hearts,

Blueskies, no flies,

I hear Robyn Hitchcock, are you with me , so far?


Sadness, tears, blocked out big sky thunder,

Over and under,

The northest north star.


Hot warmth, head and breakfast,

(sm)ashtrays with a vengeance,

You only just breaking your fall.


Soaked thru-skin, the life force(d) of smiles ,

Throw stones,broken homes,

Yet no remorse.


`Its all around you`, sang the man,

Backwashed, in the docks,

In the eyes of the sailor he was just a whore.


Sitting in scrapyards, ignoring the jack of hearts,

The man on the blower, the raspberry follower,

Said " I am not ready to be born".


Whistling cadavers,

Meat packers and dancers,

All drink from the jug of my lawn.


The idle backpackers,

All wheedle and clatter,

Fat flies burn into the face of the cursed.


The fragile and frigid,

All busted and billetted,

Cold camels, with their tea, facing north.


Once shredded like a dead pilot,

Dead, sexy, yet violent,

Drank absinthe without a single thought.


That Buddha beside her,

Can`t wake up her minder,

Scowling and fretting and all.


Snake faced godiva,

So dread like a rasta-biker,

Ate purple neckerchiefs and screamed out for the law.


The whaleboned instructor,

Kept niggling inside her,

Till death`s Dame came struggling with awe.


When the mighty survivor,

Eat a peach with the driver,

So families can talk some more.


Of buddies and cuddles,

Dead of night fumbles

All battered and bruised and against nature`s law.


Smiles in the dawn,

Lukewarm and overdrawn,

And all you will do is yawn


Time to be silent,

All small talk, non-violent and,

Talk, lets talk, some more.


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