Oh Liz!
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2 poems by Ed Case.


A Tribute to Liz.

Liz was the Only Cleopatra. She was the Only, Velvet.
She was Beautiful. She is now more beautiful than ever.
Liz always captivated me. I could see and taste her lips in every movie. And her eyes had all the mystery of magicians, wizards and sorceresses.

Liz was to me the Ultimate Woman. Voluptuous yet virtuous.

How I envy Dick Burton. He was good for two marriages.
To have a lovely like Liz in my arms!

I hope all my dreams come true with Karma, and I can come back as Richard Burton and live out eternity with my dearest movie star of all time.

a line

Engines of Peace and Music

Constructed with precise symetry, strength, and function,

the engines held.

In a place of Malace and War, where engines of

destruction, built with similar character, held.

The most rigid of forces were incorporated.

Balance of power, of action and reaction was carefully

placed within a frame, and beauty was captured.

The engines sang, with unity, clarity and peerless


The engines of war cried, with kaos and unequaled


Within our engines of peace reside the most technical

devices and connections.

Within our engines of war reside similar inventions.

Taken from the creative minds, turned by the curiousity

of warlords, the inventions of all time, have left our hands.

Within all our inventions lies the courage of the

Engines of Peace and Music.

a line

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