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3 Poems by E A Watson.


I am a bubble
I float through a system of interconnecting junctions
I have no mass
I am simply an unspecified quantity of stuff

A quantum labyrinth of endless possibility
Forced here, forcing somewhere else to go
I follow the chain to see where it leads
I follow your will, you say I'm your slave

You say I've no emotion
I have no sense of will
Yet still I am chaotic and unpredictable
I have a life of my own, to do as I please

So fear me mortal
For I possess the power to end your little life
And you cannot ever quash my own
For energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it simply is...



I flee, running from the dark, indefinitely driven to the light, mesmerised by it's warmth and glory.

White light surrounds, protects me
A force field of love
An impenetrable shield against all darkness and danger

I bathe in white light
I soak in it's wondrous benificence,
To gladly pass on the warmth of spirit to other needy souls, and so the cycle continues...

For I have touched upon something so special
I have witnessed the divine
I am no longer blinded by conception

I see through thick walls of thought
Into corridors of intuition
And great halls of truth

Liberated of logic
The mask of falsehood lifts from my eyes
I journey out into the great unknown

Travelling through all that is,
Or was, or ever will be
Seeking an honest answer to every question ever asked...



This young woman is a wandering star
She's drifted halfway 'cross the galaxy and back
She's been places, seen things, done things wrong
And never has she found a place she could truly call her home...

The search developed in her many special qualities
Razor sharp intuition, Deadly fists, a talent for survival
Yet as she traveled far and learned such useful things
She never got to practice that one special talent known as love...

Holding her ground to danger, she suffered many crushing blows
Always running away when things got out of hand
She'd find a dark corner in which to lick her wounds
And never did she escape a day without at least one, momentous battle...

So many wars did the girl fight, inevitably, one day she was to expel her final breath
Her body horribly bashed and broken, she collapsed right where she stood
Lifeless, crippled, no adrenalin rush could save her now
She accepted her fate, and patiently waited for the last vestiges of soul to be beaten from her body...

A trickle of blood ran down to the ditch, from the pool in which her body lay
She clenched her teeth in agony, raised her head an inch and slowly opened her right eye
Looking around her she caught no sight of those who had pursued her for so long
It seems they had left her for dead in the hedgerow, in search of some more lively prey...

On the last ounce of strength contained in her pitiful body, she climbed slowly up the hill
It took every brave little bit of courage she had, for to her, it was more like climbing a mountain
Every muscle burning in pain, pus draining from every wound, she kept on, higher and higher
Godwilling, she would survive this day, but by the next, she would no longer be on this world...

Upon reaching the top, she looked down onto a valley of pasture and sweet green grass
Nestled snugly below the ridge, there was a beautiful white house, with many flowers in the garden
If she could just discover one kind soul to take care of her in her final hours, she could die happy
Unable to put one arm in front of the other, the girl curled herself up into a little ball and rolled...

She bounced down the valley like an egg, every impact shattering her even further
She cracked her skull on the branch of a tree, her back rolled over a stone and she snapped her spine
Paralysed, incaple of movement, she slid on her busom, cracking every rib along the way
Further she fell, closer and closer towards the white house, all the time coming in just too fast...

Her teeth broke as her nose smashed off the gatepost, but not before she'd already bitten off her tongue
Her face scratched all the way along the gravel path, the skin torn clean from the bone
The pain she no longer felt, for he knew she had simply suffered too much to go on living now
Sliding on her last momentum, she headed the marble door step and neatly snapped her neck in two...

She winced, for she knew this was the final thing she would ever remember of this life.

The front door opened and she could see a beauitiful Lady standing tall in the doorway
She got down on her knees and wept, cradling her mangled head in her arms, blood on her blouse
At last she had found what he had been searching so long and so hard for, a place to call her home
Now she was content, everything so warm and so rosy, she finally let herself surrender to death...


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