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I must admit that I love, really love –with all that, means -- Gena Davis.
By G David Schwartz.


It is not because she has the same last name as my good and beautiful friend Ellen (who married a man called Les (I don’t know if it really Lester or Leslie) nor is it because she had an interesting name like my beloved wife Gilda my favorite actress Signori Weaver, nor because she is as smart and wise as my daughter Michele Elizabeth Schwartz nor is it because she is as artistic and intelligent as my daughter Sara J Schwartz nor is it because she is a mover and shaker like my friend Debbie Ann Peters Trotta, nor is it because she remains me of Beverly Newman, nor is it because she is as humorous as my friend Harriet Warnock Gramm, as big hearted as my sisters Alyza Shapiro and Jackie Winston, nor as polite as my friend Barbara Landman, nor as nice as my fiend or my old love, Miriam Stadtler, and/or my friend Jan Kaplan. She is not as thoughtful as Marcie Marrano and not as humored as Melba NuDell, and all in all she is just the best woman for me to think about and dream about. BUT, and this is a very big but, she makes my heart throb. She makes my lips quiver and my tongue call out to her every night. She makes be forget the bills that need paying, or is that payment. She makes me both glad to be alive and happy to die in her arms.

I only hope I meet her some day. On the beach or on the water. I just want to kiss her, on her hand or on the water. I just want and need to be with her, on the beach, in the boat, in the television studio and/or in West Virginia

I would settle for the Camion Islands or New York City, in Chicago or in a dream. I would just love to sit with her on the beach, in a car, around the perimeter of Los Angles, and /or in South America.

I would just love to kiss her on her lips, on her chin, on her neck, her stomach, her navel and/or her knees, and I have great thoughts of Ronna F.

I just want to make her happy by taking her parasailing or skin diving, shi shooting and/or duck hunting (the are okay to hunt but not to shoot.).

I would love to take her pony riding or playing gin rummy. And just for her I would play poker or gin rummy while riding a horse.

I love Gena Davis more than my mother, my father, my sister, my bother, and any aunt and uncle. I love, love, love, Gena Davis more than anything, anyone, anywhere in any world.

Why, oh why, doesn’t she love me?

Why, oh, why, doesn’t she love me?

Why, oh my, why doesn’t she love me?

Oh well, I guess I’ll never know


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