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Beware of the IMPS. By JBP.

We feel it our duty to issue a sober warning to those travellers who intend to explore hazardous Dictionary terrain. The extensive and influential tribe of IMPS should be treated with great caution.

The word IMP itself, which describes the general nature of the Clan, as treated in merely orthodox dictionaries, can be defined as 'Little devil, demon, mischievous sprite.'

Some guidance as to the character of individual members of the clan may help you in your pilgrimage through difficult country.

The family containing Ulsive, Etuous and Atient is highly volatile and should if possible be avoided.

Ertinent and Udent are children likely to be found in places of entertainment. Ignore them if possible. To enter into argument would be seriously unwise.

Ossible should not be approached, and Ermeable, Enetrable and Assable must on no account be regarded aggressively as such an encounter may be liable to result in acquaintance with

Risonment, a thoroughly unpleasant Officer.

Oster is a confidence trickster; he and Ecunious will be in search of money rather than friendship.

Otent and Assive, on the other hand, are not in the habit of making approaches and can do little serious harm.

Ortant, Erious, Ressive tend to be blow-hards who can be repelled by a vigorous and confident demeanour.

Alpable is only present in the complany of Lication, and will be no serious problem to a seasoned traveller.

We hope that this sketch of a few Clan members will enable you to travel safely through the territory of a tribe which is always tricky, touchy and inhospitable.

© JBP 2004


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