It must be love.
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Yes Yes. By Joshua Coetzee.


Yes Yes
This is it
this is the best
The best you’ll ever get
From the likes of me
Not cause its all I got
But simply
Its cause
It’s all
It’s all you want to see
That’s how it’s been
From the start
Seeing what you want
Not seeing that it’s just a part
A part of the fuller picture of the me
That me you think you miss cause I’m different
But you just see what you want and don’t really see
You don’t see me and that I really see you
And us, how we could be
You and me
Care free
Just simple you and me
Not looking for the something
That thing we saw that now seems gone
But it isn’t cause its me
You saw what you wanted to
You saw what you wanted is inside of me
And that’s beautiful, cause I got it inside of me
Don’t get scared or confused when I show you the rest
Please don’t run. Cause I’m more than that little bit you liked
I’m no different to when we met, I just have more for you to like. If you like
But if you don’t. that’s your choice and just the sound of my heart
But pay no mind. Pain is pain and love is lost with out it.
He who dares. And I dare. I dare cause its my choice
And I choose you. You to see me. All of me.
I am no fake and won’t smile on command
At least you’ll always know my truth.
The truth of me for you
For sake of death
If I lie
Yes Yes this is it and this is me
Sorry if you had seen a part you loved
Loved and thought you lost, cause it wasn’t all of me
But its like this by you’re eyes, beautiful eyes that can choose to see
See all I am and have openly , gently given you access to with loving kiss


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