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Poems by Karen McKenna

Wedding Banned

I wanted it simple

No diamonds for me

And so the promise was shared

With a plain gold band


It sits in my purse now

Alone and cold in its box

I carry it to sell

Because the promise is defunct

And I am broken


But trying to



Something new


While partly holding on

(to the nothingness that’s left)

Though I know it’s futile


I am cold and alone

Trying to become disengaged


a line



Is it getting easier to forget me every day (you don’t call)?


You complain about the last time, when I said

‘you still taste like cigarettes.’


And we were drunk.

and there could be ‘ifs’

(‘you’d be perfect if’…)


but I want you


because you still make everyone else invisible when we’re talking


And you still tell me

about how you want me

for Sunday dinner

with your family


And I am still irrevocably drawn to you

And could drown in your eyes

And hold you forever


Even though

you still taste like cigarettes



a line


a moment/passing time

something perfect
flashes in your face
radiates and touches me
in a way so pure
I clasp your face in my hands
on a street corner
as you help me find my way

I hate to leave you
and glance back
and you do the same

mirrored smiling waving
fragile beautiful beginning



a line


in between moments

anything can happen

like right now

in ‘just spring’

with my gorgeous racer

panting in the backseat

grinning wide

crying for what’s next


Sun and Moon could collide

Both in the sky

right now

Anything can happen


Dead fields dancing

Sun awakened

Soil shining

We’re all waiting

for what’s next


But right now

just Being

is all I have

And I don’t want for anything

In between moments


a line


The Haunting

            I can’t talk to you

is all I said

            before I hung up

my heart threatened to

jump out of its confines

            and I wondered if I

 was vindicated,

            having asserted a definite

Leave Me Alone.


…but then Guilt crept in

with her friend SelfPity

And so I wallowingly wept


            And remembered

And wondered at how

I let you l i e


After a bout between

Now & Then

I washed tears away

and tried to regain

yesterday’s rainbow

when there was sunrise in my heart


and, even later,

I couldn’t hide my smile

Over Tea

            And fluid Time


a line


Only Words

You are raw

and real

and naked to the world


in writing

(like shitting)


tears you apart

fulfills need


scary being exposed

strangely liberating too

unadulterated truth

minus tones soft or harsh


‘mere’ words

Move mountains

Strike peace accords

Run my heart through


Most importantly


Draw me closer to you



a line

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