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Misguided Traveler. By KJ Hannah Greenberg.


Asteroids made for nice enough naptime entertainment, but Henry wanted more. He had already tramped through the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy and along the ridge of the Cygnus.

If there was life among the stars, he was far from finding it. Moreso, in moments, he was going to be reduced to fumes, his energy signature consigned to flicker forever; solar winds were disrupting life support.

The red Jell-O-colored plasma bug which photographed Henry’s asphyxiation chirped enthusiastically into his cellcom. The guidebook, for which the critter had spent ten entire abalone shells, a magnate’s fortune, had neatly directed him to interesting locations along the galaxy’s Orion Arm.

The beast, a champion hunter of two-legged forms, had gotten lost at the Kuiper Belt and was now in orbit near Eris. Yet, the little monster’s tracers had detected Henry. Moreso, his electromagnetic equipment was indicating a grand cache of big game a few clicks over.

Boasting rights crazed the fiend’s podmates. He couldn’t wait to show them a carbon print of his successful safari. Unfortunately, while he was preparing his proof, Henry’s ship was destroyed by an interstellar tidal wave.

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