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Watched and Watching. By Len Bourret.

(Copyright 2008)

A tribute to Kevin Michael Connolly.


An exceptional human being,
who makes a disability look
exciting and inspirational,
his camera clicking away
and his presence quite
inviting, his message so
hopeful and positive, and
not helpless, or hopeless,
or negative, his id's energy
supports his ego and his
superego, on a moonlit
and starlit dream's romance,
in the peace and stillness of
the night, and a rainstorm's
and windswept odyssey, in
the raindrops and sunrays
of the day, making it ever
so nice to be watched and
to be watching, for in order
to appreciate a technicolor
rainbow, he's willing and
able, no matter how, no
matter what, and no matter
where, to ger through dark
clouds and pouring rain, on
an ever-rolling exhibition. NewsStory on Kevin Michael Connolly...

Kevin's Websites... and

Kevin's e-mail address: connollyphotography (at)

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