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In the Heat of Niagara by Len Bourret

(Copyright 2008)

The buttery sun melts away,
as the temperature rises,
the moon glistens over Niagara,
the stars shed a beautiful sight,
the sky, reachable,
at such a considerable height,
approached with aerodynamic's
invite, Before dawn, thoughts of flying
a kite,
Before dusk, searching for a
glimpse of sunset's delight,
energy surging with all of its
darkness shrouding humid
evening's plight,
taking a swim when the time
is just right,
slowly wading, then holding
Niagara's rapids real tight,
gradually taking a full dip,
in the brisk, icy-cold water,
refreshing, but a shock to
the skin,
caught in Niagara's race,
then tumbling over the
when black-and-white
interference invades,
steeped in depression,
obscuring the rainbow's
prismic colors,
as pessimism increases,
and optimistic hope fades.

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