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3 Poems. By Luis Cuauhtemoc.

Greet The Day

I opened my eyes.
A solitary bird sang
outside my window.

I greeted the day
with a yawn and
a miserable mood.

Somewhere else,
laughter and children
playing. I was once

like them. Now I work
and I get worried about
paying bills and work.

I would like to be like
the solitary bird outside,
greeting the day with song.

a line

Saturn's Historian

I flew in
from the rings
of Saturn.

I bathe in
the river
while moonlight

shines down on
my body.
This helps me

adapt to
the earth's soil
and surface.

Someday I
will return
to Saturn.

But first I
must study
this strange place.

I need to
report back
and record

what I learn
for Saturn's
history books.

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Too Cold

Too cold to write.
I should try and
clean up the house.

This would keep me
warm and the house
would be cleaner.

But I try to
write and with cold
hands write down these

few words. Outside
hammers and nails
provide a back beat
to my day.

I'm sure they're warm.
But I have an
off day today
and feel lazy.

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