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Meaning of 'Tolerance'
by Len Bourret (Copyright 2007)




Chinese (Simplified):


Chinese (Traditional):


A human being who discerns,
who not only gets the picture,
but figures it out.
A person who is so insightful,
who grasps the true meaning
of the intelligible.
A human being with the savvy
to go beyond life's puzzlement,
who comprehends, is fair, and
A person who is willing to go
beyond the concrete wall,
to travel through the abstract
beyond the waves of human
imperfection: the who and
what a human is, and the
who and what the human
struggles to be.
Love is kind and patient,
there is no tolerance in
harshness, hate, and

I am inclined to respect the human being who consistently understands beyond the flaws of imperfection: the who and what a person is, and the who and what a person struggles to be.

Tolerance: "The ability to be fair and understanding to people whose ways, opinions, etcetera are different from one's own." -- Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary (Beta Version) 




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