Five new poems
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Poems By Lisa Zaran


I dreamt of you again last night.
You were dressed in a sage green shirt
and boots. Your hands were empty
but your mind was full.

You spoke to me about merging destinies, about the existence of fate.
You told me God has one sight
and sees everywhere at once, an altruistic eye.

The moonlight swallowed the cliff.

a line


Every act is empty
and holds no form.

Even existence hinges
on a bridge of air,

a lung collapses
without provocation.

October and still no rain.

a line

Generation Desire

The stars hung around
like spectators

while you articulated
the meaning of life

from your illuminated
soul. I was mesmerized

watching your tongue
dart between teeth,

roll up to touch the roof
of your mouth.

The cigarette you held
in your hand filled

my lap with ashes.

a line


I wanted nothing
but to kiss you.

In the undergrowth
of my desire,

you lit a match.
Even in my dying dream

your eyes are blue.
They reflect my starving image.

Knowing this,
you stroked my cheek.

Sunlight broke its metal shell.

a line


Now who is alive that can remember
my grandfather, that old man,

that tiny old man bound by the North
Sea, salt in his veins, salt clutching

the fabric of his Merchant Marine wear.

In the blink of an eye, an eternity passes.
My father has his moment. Dies.
I have mine. My children grow so tall
I have to look up to see into their hazel eyes.

I look up, they look ahead.
Now who will be alive to remember me?

a line

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