Poems of madness.
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3 Poems by Clifford K. Watkins, Jr.

The Helm of Madness

you're the vision that I'm lost without
roaming whatever realm the mind seeks out
jousting at immaculate skies
your eyes like vivid stars illuminate my darkest dreams
bedazzling the night sifting what seems
your face
a vermilion dream
so ethereal
so divine
time is out
nothing is in
where to begin
I'm a coward much to my chagrin
with each glance I cower
and don't know how to begin
I'm a fiend
a drunkard
a fool for your bitchery
mired in misery
and utterly blue
there's nothing I can do
It's futile
I love you
you're so lovely
and I'm a fiend or something
traveling thru shades of doubt
roaming whatever realm the mind seeks out
only empty recollections season that room
roaming whatever mind
whatever realm
nothing's sacred beneath the helm

May River Madness

a fire burns between a circle of fiends
bedazzling eyes
descending from a sky of strange stars
the river's mouth gaped
rapidly sparks fly
embers lie
and reflections linger unchanged
souls swirling in the night
fools jousting at stars
so wishful
so bright

Moments to Minds to Madness

got my shoulders don't need wings
a morsel of knowledge is all I bring
so senseless
so blind
so ethereal
so divine
this yearning I can't define
these thoughts embody all that's mine
an existence so lost in mind
searching for something that I'll never find
tears descend from inclement eyes
we're so trifling
and skies never clear
clinging to shards of life hardly residing here
reflections on calm waters distorted by skipping rocks
racing the clock
another heart stops
the functions of feeling
thoughts reel
and ideas are spilling
to think
an invitation to sink unknown
moments to minds to madness
a world abandoned full blown


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