Three new poems
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Poems by Michael Internicola


you flushed my friendship like i was the biggest shit you ever shit
and now i can't stop writing bad love poems about you.
you keep me up all night like the after hours on 18th and 5th.
you have rules like porn shops do the one man per booth thing.
you crowd my mind like the coke heads crowd me at the club.
i hate your pilgrim shoes and those sleeveless turtle neck sweaters you like to wear.
i hate the hand me downs your mother gave me without your step father knowing.
i hate that these are a bunch of other words you'll never read or want to even.
i hate that i find no fulfillment in having great sex with strangers, even better sex than we ever had.
i hate your stretch marks and your orange hair and your stubby feet when you were dancing,
those playboy tank tops you wore inside out.
the car alarm is going off again outside.
i would rather die than have you ignore everything i'm about.
i want to scream and jump over valentine's day or any other made up holidays that were invented for nice girls like you.

Rules Of Travel

never think your bigger than the situation.
you don't have to respect yourself but you must respect everyone and everything around you.
take chances everyday.
if someone is traveling alone invite them in.
it's lonely enough on the road.
don't follow the map and never make yourself into a tourist.
have balls.
if you have the money spread it around and remember don't judge.
somebody may be down and out for all the right reasons.

Cheese Omelet, Home Fries, Bacon on The Side and Rye Toast

"i'm gonna get some breakfast."
-i said, 6 a.m., not sleeping on my side of the bed.
i did that after the second time she talked in her sleep,
"i'm gonna kill you."-she mumbled.
i laughed, then she turned over and fell back into a dream.
i watched the light come up a lot of mornings but that morning was different.
i was too lazy to put my clothes on.
she'd be getting up at seven, keep me up till' nine.
so, i turned over and our asses were touching.
i slept like that for the last two years, ass to ass,
and i bet good money your sorry to say you been there before.


© Winamop 2004