Strange goings-on indeed...
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Nets the Si'ze of Souls

there is a music in the roosts, from deadly war teams of the wildlife colony tubes. Shy is the Wildlife of conflicting del fuego's and the orthadox Soul Nets of recent mystery.

in a worship Nations existed in dinosaur cries of hades. Of the book of Lamps, i march the del fuego in search of dolphins and Mighty departures. To hours and ears of the living in the November well of books whining friendly with the days of the ghosts of

the sea ledges of the '70s. a message of Azimuth and try Not to Make Company while swimming.

Giant, how a Monster in May Stops in April Easter days. Eighty-Eight Monsters 9 bees and Over and Over Easter of Michael Gold of the Sands of tierra del fuego.

* we were carrying the trusting, a dead court, down a millenium to an abandonnned torpedo in the sands of australia, coloring and shifted, as if fooling the ghosts of the tierra.

orthadox 88, stuff changes today. We Send New Deal Reptiles down Private telegrams of a Northern Disco. Am imported today they will return the predecessors golden books to the wild & Eastern in 1829. We were carrying the souls of tierra del fuego. A dead Millenium of Sand in Australia and April as if for Colouring and Shifting. 88 of the ghosts had trusting ego'sss. The torpedo dead court feels abandonnned lifted of orthadox ties. New Deal Representatives of Northern Disco, A Cult, Changes today. Today is

April, i walk down a private telegram of golden books imported by a theory of our predecessors.

Goliath gets up on Latin on boil and

Must feed, Must feed but surrenders alot to orthadox telegrams from the Swans.

Corpses, history had a slow course of life.

and climbers of the Passive Mystery tour were Saved for holy fucking deadly Caves.

secretaries Post Packs away everyday.

left in the Evening among the front Story book service, lost in the hunger of a had song. the cries were sweet long ago.

a pack of cries of hades friendship. A Sea, A harbor, above a book about to have someday someday. access the essence of torpedoes for Saturday. Edgy past points wearing down 150 years of adjacent lands.

the 979 predecessor reproducing disaster and its friday, Young & Public diaries day. My dinosaur, look at the post of monsters & Lore. the cries were sweet in hunger of a hades friendship. A Sea ago. pack a book about to have a harbor above essence and torpedoes to someday someday. Past Points Wearing down to Saturday. ticking upon them. try not to make goliath jump up.

Giant, how a monster must feel,

the slow course of life ticking upon them.



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